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Underdog Devs

About This Project

Version alpha: a.underdogdevs.dev [under active development]




Underdog Devs is an organization that pairs aspiring developers from disadvantaged backgrounds, including ex-felons, with mentors in the tech industry. The organization requested a custom platform that could be used to organize & automate the intake and mentor-mentee matching processes, which they are currently tracking manually via spreadsheets.


Before I joined the project, some disjointed components of the app had been set up by previous teams. As a Technical Project Manager, I mapped out a user flow for a minimum viable product in consultation with stakeholders about their current and ideal workflows. The MVP would address the key functions of the app:

  • user types
  • user intake
  • user login
  • matching mentors with mentees
  • viewing the mentor or mentee information that users are matched with


I then led a team of six developers to focus on the application process for joining the organization as a mentor or mentee, and built the UI, frontend and backend of the application forms. I also consulted with data scientists about using the intake data for an automated matching algorithm.


Underdog Devs


Technical Project Manager


Javascript, CSS, HTML

Frameworks & Libraries

React, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Ant Design


February 2022