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About This Project

A place for an intimate picnic, a place to take a nap, a study spot, or somewhere you can take a cooking lesson.


The Gardenwalk is a series of linked pavilions that create a new zone between street and sidewalk to promote a symbiotic relationship between people and nature and that augments social life in an urban environment.


While streets and sidewalks are typically designed for movement, to push people from one point to another, the network of pavilions is marked by slowness. The Gardenwalk is a refuge where a diversity of social activities and gardening can coexist. The pavilions on the street are open, which limits their ability to retain heat, so the clear tarp coverings are treated with a thin layer of thermochromic pigment that turns transparent with body heat: a reminder that warmth is something needed by both plants and people.


The Gardenwalk can also host exhibitions, cooking demonstrations, gardening lectures, or presentations on composting and recycling programs at the pavilion during the Festival. The installation will provide a platform for the many local organizations in Mexico City promoting health and wellness in urban life.


Mexico City


Tina Gao, Prathyusha Viddam